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Viral Influencers - About us


Viral Influencers is an Influencer Agency that connects well-known brands with top influencers worldwide. 
As a marketing agency we make sure that your brand becomes even more popular and as a talent agency we give influencers the chance to become even bigger. 

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. The major brands have already recognized that influencers can be used to advertise effectively. Influencers have the trust of their followers and can introduce them products in a target-oriented way.

According to studies, one in five buys products that they have previously seen in an influencer. Many fans admire influencers and are easily tempted to buy a product. - ADVERTISEMENT

Influencers have a major influence on purchasing decisions, especially among younger customers. A look at the target group of 14- to 29-year-olds shows that 60 percent of this age group have already purchased products advertised by influencers, i.e. almost one in three. Among 30 to 49-year-olds, the figure is 52 percent

This is where Viral Influencers come in. Our catalog features under the category Influencers several well-known content creators who are willing to advertise your product. We create for you an effective marketing concept and organize an advertising campaign with the influencer of your choice. 

From designing the marketing concept to implementing your project, we support you in ensuring that your marketing campaign goes viral. 

Viral Influencers also offers you a selection of real models for your fashion brand, singers for your event or Hollywood actors for your project. 

You can find out how to book an influencer and what the costs for influencer marketing are under "How it work`s". 


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Viral Influencers gives you the opportunity to reach more audience fast and uncomplicated.

Our influencer website provides a list of Influencers. By using our search engine, you can easily browse through influencer profiles and find advertising partners.  Under Pricing you will find all rates. Then you can easily send a booking request through "book now" and start advertising campaigns a short time later.

You want us to create marketing strategies for you? Take a look at our packages for bigger advertising campaigns with several influencers. 

Many surveys show that about one third of those surveyed believe that influencers are trustworthy. They feel well informed and well entertained. Around 20 percent also find the contributions more entertaining than TV advertising.

Influencer marketing is about the value that influencers give a brand. It is not only the reach of influencers that is important, but also their relevance in building trust. The fans follow them because they communicate authentically. They often adopt a non-advertising, individual attitude to topics and thus radiate a high level of credibility.

Hereby Viral Influencers present you surveys from statista on how effective Influencer Marketing is.

50% of 14 to 19-year-olds have bought a product because a prominent person has advertised it.
20% of women have bought a product because a prominent person has advertised it.
57% of marketing experts consider influencer marketing credible.

Unlike micro influencers, macro influencers have more than 100,000 followers. But it would be a mistake to measure an influencer alone by the size of its community. According to Brian Solis, digital influenza occurs along three dimensions: 

1. Quantitative and qualitative reach: How many people are reached and how credible is the influencer and what is his image in this community?
2. Relevance: This is measured by the thematic authority of the influencer for a topic and the trust of the followers in his statements,
3. Resonance: This is reflected in the commitment that the followers show to the influencer with the number of interactions and comments.

All three dimensions should be measured in the assessment of influencers and considered as important decision factors.

Viral Influencers helps you find the right choice between micro and macro influencers or even celebrities for your marketing campaign.


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Get more followers. Become well known on Instagram. Earn money as an influencer. 

Viral Influencers gives you the opportunity to promote the most famous brands in the world and supports you to become sucessful as influencer. 
As an influencer agency we list numerous TOP influencers. Many brands work with us and want to pay our influencers to advertise their product and tell their story on social media like Instagram and Facebook. By promoting a product you can earn money through your reach and followers and work with many brands worldwide. 

It is not a big deal if you do not yet have many followers and are a so-called micro influencer. Maybe you are using the niche that is important for a brand. And that's exactly why you might be lucky enough to become the face of an advertising campaign despite small numbers of followers between 5 and 100 thousand. 

Viral Influencers also helps you to become better known by managing and marketing you as a talent agency. We arrange advertising deals, get you TV appearances, interviews, shootings with big magazines and you get pushed by our other influencers on our website.

Through our experience and contacts in the industry, we help young talents in a Hollywood career as an actor, in an international model career, to become successful as a singer or a famous influencer. 

Even as a classic model we can bring you closer to our clients and therefore organize catwalk appearances or shootings for you. Viral Influencers is not only an influencer but also a model agency. 

In addition, Viral Influencers sees itself as an event agency. Therefore we arrange singers for events.