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   28. Feb. 2019
Category: Marketing Strategy

Micro Influencers vs. Macro Influencers

Are you already feeling the first signs of your company? Classic advertising in print is no longer sufficient and adblockers prevent you from achieving the desired reach in online advertising? Certain signs that you have not infected them with the influenza virus, but that you should consider influencer marketing.
This means making decisions. How much budget is available? In which online medium for influencer marketing do you invest? What are the advertising goals and last but not least who is the right influencer for my advertising project? However, before you can start looking for the right influencer, you need to decide whether a macro or micro influencer is best suited to your brand, product and defined advertising goals.A cooperation with Macro-Influencern is meaningful, if:

A celebrity is not always the right choice. If, for example, you advertise a product with a world-famous soccer player, the scatter loss may be very high. Among the footballer's fans are people of all ages and from all countries. In addition, the question is how authentic this celebrity stands for this product. If a footballer advertises sportswear, then it is probably the right decision, but for other products, perhaps another influencer is the right choice. Micro influencers in particular are topic experts and aim at a certain niche of people. 

- The influencer marketing campaign should be strongly controlled by your own brand.
- The company wants to maintain maximum control
- A long range wants to be achieved
- A direct image transfer from the influencer to the brand or product should take place.
- The content should be professionally prepared
- One has concrete ideas about the type and scope and also the timing of the contents
- professional support, implementation and reporting are necessary (cf. Jahnke, 2018)

A cooperation with micro-influencers is worthwhile if

- The engagement rate is more important than the range
- Your company operates in a niche market
- you want to reach a very special target group
- the authenticity of the contributions is more important to you than the control
- Have a smaller marketing budget, as cooperation is cheaper and stray costs are avoided by limiting the target group.