Viral Influencers
   28. Feb. 2019
Category: Trends

What changes have you seen in influencer marketing in the last 12 months?

We observe a multichannel trend, i.e. the use of one to several channels and we see a trend from purely social media to blogs. Bloggers realize that they have more creative freedom on their platforms and more potential to actually interact with their users. Social media are already a little saturated. On a blog, on the other hand, you can get more comments and the length of time users stay with a post or picture is longer.

In addition, blogs are viewed somewhat more highly today. A few years ago blogs were strongly rated before the downturn came through social media. Nowadays the blog has matured and the trend is upwards again. With regard to our partners, some players have left the market and we have seen some consolidation, but smaller players are emerging again via blog networks. A blog network is a website that hosts multiple blogs and especially small niche blog networks are reappearing.

Another trend is set by online magazines, which in addition to their editorial staff also bring some established bloggers on board in order to increase traffic and volume of the website. The magazines offer bloggers a kind of compensation and the added bonus of being part of a strong brand. Thus, in addition to the editorial department, there is the blogger department with a few influencers that correspond to the brand.