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   28. Feb. 2019
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Blogger and Influencer Events 2019

Bloggers and Influencer Events offer a great opportunity to network with other bloggers and influencers, get to know the latest social media trends and exchange ideas with like-minded people about their own main topics. Whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Blog - 2019 is certainly the right blogger and influencer event for you. In our article we have collected all relevant events for you.

Blogger Events vs. Influencer Events
In Germany there are various events that can be relevant for influencers and bloggers. Some events are of special interest for bloggers, because questions and needs that arise when running a blog are clarified. For this target group, topics such as SEO, WordPress or storytelling are particularly relevant. In addition, other events are not only aimed at bloggers, but at influencers and content creators in general.

Special and general bloggers and influencers events
In addition to the target group, the main topics also play a role when it comes to finding the right events for you. There are events that are generally aimed at content creators, influencers and brands from all subject areas, such as the blogfoster Academy Day. In addition, there are also influencers and bloggers events that focus on specific topics.

In addition to classic events for influencers and bloggers, there are also trade fairs and conferences whose focus is not on influencers and bloggers, but which can nevertheless be relevant to them in their subject area and often have corresponding side events. The IFA, for example, covers many different subject areas, but with exhibitors from different areas it is certainly also interesting for bloggers and influencers. At IFA 2018 blogfoster already organized an Influencer Walk, as well as an Academy Day for interested bloggers and influencers.

5 good reasons to visit Influencer & Blogger Events:
Meeting like-minded people and exchanging ideas
Get in touch with brands
Expand knowledge in your own specialist area
Expand your own expertise
Your knowledge with other parts
Blogger and Influencer Events 2019
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