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   28. Feb. 2019
Category: For Brands/Agencys

Influencer Marketing - A Closer Look

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who are regarded as experts and opinion leaders in a certain field. A common feature is the activity on digital channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or the classic Blogger.

Influencers as brand ambassadors for companies 

Influencer marketing focuses on attracting influential individuals with a wide-reaching community to your brand or product and using them as brand ambassadors. The main focus here is on the trust that the respective target group places in the influencer.

The influencer advertises a product from the point of view of the community, which makes it particularly authentic for its followers. The pillars of good influencer marketing are a combination of content, reach and credibility in the community. Influencers can thus be important multipliers for the company and greatly increase brand awareness.

Why does influencer marketing have such a high potential? 

Influencers radiate authenticity and create a very special closeness with their followers. Accordingly, they also have the opportunity to influence the opinion of their community and advertise products or services. In order to ensure the credibility of the influencer, it is important that companies give them as much freedom as possible when formulating messages. Used correctly, influencer marketing can be an important tool in corporate communication and marketing. 

What makes a good influencer?

In order to find the right opinion leader for your own company, different criteria have to be considered - certain tools can help to find the right influencer. In the first step, it is important to filter out who the most important opinion leaders are in the respective industry. Further criteria are activities on the respective channels, the network and the number of followers. The most important aspect, however, is credibility with the target group - here, quality is more important than quantity.