Product Examples

24 Hour Story Post

With this feature, influencers share images and videos and they will be displayed along in a slideshow format. 

The influencers can also add text to the photo or video. The post disappears after 24 hours. 

Normal Post

In a normal post, the advertising is not obvious. In this case the influencer wears a belt by Luis Vuitton. Nevertheless, many followers pay attention to the details in the image and are interested in which clothes their role model wears.

In addition, your brand is mentioned in the hashtag and linked to the picture as a sponsor aswell. 

Quality Post

In a Quality Post, the influencer openly advertises your product.

Further you will be mentioned in the hashtag and linked as a sponsor.

Insta Video

Instagram videos give influencers the opportunity to present the product even more effectively to their viewers.

Therefore Instagram videos are especially useful for demonstrating products like make up articles.

Product Placement on Youtube

Your product appears in the video just as you the orange juice you see in the example. 

While the video is about a different subject than your product, the customer perceives your product clearly throughout the video. 

Product Integration on Youtube

With a Youtube integration, unlike with a product placement, your product is not only placed in the image but is part of the script. 

Of course you can contact us to discuss your exact requirements for the integration of your product into the video.

Recommendation on Youtube

With a Youtube recommendation, the influencer openly advertises your brand and explains to his viewers why it is recommendable and in his opinion a " must-have ".