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   01. Feb. 2019
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How to become an influencer?

1. Find your own niche

One thing is particularly important for a successful Instagram account: real passion. So first think about what you're particularly passionate about: Are you interested in the latest technology?

Do you visit the gym every day and study a lot about a particular diet in your spare time? You are trend-setting with your clothing and know your way around the world of fashion very well? Or do you love travelling and are constantly on the move? Of course, it would be even better if you could share a very special hobby with your followers.

The competition from fashionistas and travel bloggers on Instagram is high. But here, too, you have a chance if you stand out with a particularly professional account. It is important that you know from the beginning what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. If you know your goal, you can pursue it consistently.


2. Develop your own style

Users love instagram accounts that develop a unique style. Lots of white space and minimalist details always go down well. But also brightly colored photos find many fans. But the main thing is to find your own personal style and stay with it.

At the beginning you can try yourself a little, but in the long run you should edit your photos in the same way or apply similar filters. In addition, of course, the bascis should be right: Make sure that your pictures are sharp and correctly aligned. The background should also be well selected.

Combined with an exceptional style, this will ensure that your account looks professional and well thought out at first view.

3. Use hashtags correctly

Hashtags are the easiest way to achieve a reach that far exceeds your follower numbers and make your instagram account sucessful, especially at the beginning. Of course, it's important to choose hash tags that match your picture well. It's best to google which hashtags other users use for similar images. For example, there are pages that list all hashtags on a particular topic.

You should also pay attention to the language: English hashtags usually have a higher range, but if you write your posts in German, it makes more sense to use German hashtags as well. Your followers should also be able to read your texts. If you can speak English, you should also write in English. So you address a much larger target group. 9 to 11 hashtags are a good guideline - whether you put them directly in your posting or in the first comment is up to you.

4. Be active

For becoming an influencer it is good to post regularly and tell your followers what you are doing at the moment and what is on your mind. If you give a little insight into your world of thoughts, other users will leave more Likes and comments.

But also give something back in return: Make a return visit and hearty pictures that you like. Check out relevant hashtags and leave a few comments with other instagrammers in your subject area. You'll also find inspiration for your own account from one or the other.

5. Quality instead of quantity

However, posting regularly does not mean bombarding your followers with pictures every one to two hours or more. This would also affect the quality of your pictures. Three to a maximum of four posts a day is a good guideline. But many successful instagram accounts also swear by posting only one picture a day.

The time also plays a role in posting: pictures posted in the morning or evening are often more successful. Instagrams are most often checked on the way to work or after work - and only then do users really have time to spend on them and leave comments.

If you follow these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your career as an influencer.